Searles, Baird

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(1934-1993) US bookshop proprietor and author who co-edited the 1975 critical journal The Science Fiction Review (Monthly) and published several nonfiction works on sf and fantasy, beginning with Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land (1975 chap) for Cliffs Notes and continuing with The Science Fiction Quizbook (1976) with Martin Last (1929-2006), composed at a time when Genre SF was still compact enough to compass in this fashion; A Reader's Guide to Science Fiction (1979) with Last, Michael Franklin and Beth Meacham; A Reader's Guide to Fantasy (1982) with Franklin and Meacham; and Films of Science Fiction and Fantasy (1988). With Brian Thomsen he edited Halflings, Hobbits, Warrows & Weefolk: A Collection of Tales of Heroes Short in Stature (anth 1991). As a reviewer, he was a consistent and judicious influence for many years, publishing a large number of Cinema reviews in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction between September 1970 and July 1984; and the On Books column for Asimov's between May 1979 and October 1993. [JC]

William Baird Searles

born Indianapolis, Indiana: 30 April 1934

died Montreal, Québec: 22 March 1993


works as editor


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