Levack, Daniel J H

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(?   -    ) US bibliographer and critic, author of several author Bibliographies including Fantasms: A Bibliography of the Literature of Jack Vance (1978 chap with Tim Underwood; rev vt Fantasms II 1979 with Underwood and Kurt Cockrum; rev 1979), PKD: A Philip K. Dick Bibliography (1981; rev 1988), De Camp: An L. Sprague de Camp Bibliography (1983) with Charlotte Laughlin, Amber Dreams: A Roger Zelazny Bibliography (1983) and Dune Master: A Frank Herbert Bibliography (1988). The leisurely production schedules of some academic firms in the sf field may account for the failure of the Frank Herbert bibliography or of the Philip K Dick text in its 1988 "revision" to incorporate posthumous data. [JC]

Daniel J H Levack





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