Hammond, J R

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(1933-2018) UK academic and author, founder of The H G Wells Society in 1960, associated with Nottingham Trent University 1991-1999; he is best known for his numerous studies and reader-guides to the life and work of H G Wells, the first volume of general interest being An H G Wells Companion: A Guide to the Novels, Romances and Short Stories (1979). In the twenty-first century, as Wells studies become more and more dauntingly intense and/or specialized, Hammond's guides may seem antiquated to institutional scholars precisely because they are companionable. His almost invariably positive take on Wells can, moreover, raise some doubts over Hammond's willingness to deal with some challenges of interpretation, in particular as regards the huge mass of nonfiction after 1920. But a tendency to provide sympathetic overviews, now as much as ever, is welcome. In any case, potential problems of focus are less in evidence in Hammond's companions to other authors, who include James Hilton, George Orwell, Edgar Allan Poe and Robert Louis Stevenson [for titles see Checklist below]. In these volumes, he is clearly revealed as a wise and trustworthy guide. [JC]

John Richard Hammond

born Nottingham, Nottinghamshire: 28 March 1933

died Nottingham, Nottinghamshire: 20 September 2018


works as editor


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