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Working name of US chemist and author William Harrington Evans (1921-1985) for his sf studies and involvement in fandom, which began with bibliographical and other work in the 1940s and 1950s, most notably in The Fanzine Index, a journal he published with Bob Pavlat (1926-1983) through 1952. The Fanzine Index catalogued Fanzines and was later assembled into a single volume, Fanzine Index: Listing Most Fanzines from the Beginning through 1952, including Titles, Editors' Names, and Data on Each Issue (1965). With Francis T Laney (1914-1958) he published the early Howard Philips Lovecraft (1890-1937): A Tentative Bibliography (1943 chap). Evans's work in the sf field culminated in an extensive introduction to E E "Doc" Smith, The Universes of E.E. Smith (1966), on which he collaborated with Ron Ellik. Most of the book is a concordance of themes, characters, locations, Terminology and so on, though there is some critical content. Evans dealt with the Skylark series, Ellik with the Lensman books.

He should not be confused with the Bill Evans (1960-    ) who in collaboration with Marianna Jameson wrote the technothrillers Category 7 (2007), Frozen Fire (2009) and Dry Ice (2011). [JC]

William Harrington Evans

born Salem, Oregon: 26 February 1921

died Rockville, Maryland: 24 June 1985



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