Cockcroft, T G L

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(1926-2013) New Zealand fan and bibliographer, in employment with IBM from the pre-electronic punched-card era. In spite of his relative isolation in New Zealand, he was a regular Fanzine contributor and corresponded with Fandom worldwide from an early age. He had letters published in Amazing Stories in the mid-1940s, but his main contributions to the genre were detailed bibliographies, in particular Index to the Weird Fiction Magazines: Index by Title (1962 chap) and Index to the Weird Fiction Magazines: Index by Author (1964). This two-part index covered not only Weird Tales but also the weird fiction magazines Strange Stories, The Thrill Book, Oriental Stories, The Magic Carpet Magazine, Golden Fleece and both the US and British magazines titled Strange Tales. [RR]

Thomas George Lawrence Cockcroft

born New Zealand: 26 July 1926

died New Zealand: 12 April 2013




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