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(?   -    ) UK academic and critic whose PhD from the University of Hull was published as Ontology and Ethics in the Writings of Philip K. Dick (1995); he returned to Philip K Dick with The Pocket Essential Philip K. Dick (2000), the first of several books he wrote in the Pocket Essentials series of short introductions.

Though his academic interests include various aspects of critical theory, especially postmodernism and Queer Theory, both of which he has written about occasionally, the books he has edited have tended to concentrate on contemporary British writers, in particular Ken MacLeod, Terry Pratchett and Christopher Priest. His idiosyncratic and often very personal take on the British sf renaissance, "Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Boom: the British SF Boom" (November 2003 Science Fiction Studies), won the SFRA Pioneer Award. His knowledge of the sf world as a whole, combined with his easy grasp of literary theory as applied to sf, has caused him to be held in very high esteem by such fellow critics as Mark Bould.

Butler has long been associated with the main British science fiction organizations, serving variously as membership secretary of the Science Fiction Foundation and as features editor of the British Science Fiction Association's critical journal, Vector. With Paul Kincaid, he co-edited The Arthur C. Clarke Award: A Critical Anthology (anth 2006). He currently teaches Media and Cultural Studies at Canterbury Christchurch University. [PKi]

Andrew Mark Butler






Pocket Essentials

  • Philip K. Dick (Harpenden, Hertfordshire: Pocket Essentials, 2000) [nonfiction: Philip K Dick: Pocket Essentials: pb/photographic]
    • Philip K. Dick: 2nd Edition (Harpenden, Hertfordshire: Pocket Essentials, 2007) [nonfiction: rev vt of the above: Pocket Essentials: pb/photographic]
  • Cyberpunk (Harpenden, Hertfordshire: Pocket Essentials, 2000) [nonfiction: Cyberpunk: Pocket Essentials: pb/photographic]
  • Terry Pratchett (Harpenden, Hertfordshire: Pocket Essentials, 2001) [nonfiction: Terry Pratchett: Pocket Essentials: pb/photographic]
  • Film Studies (Harpenden, Hertfordshire: Pocket Essentials, 2002) [nonfiction: Cinema: Pocket Essentials: pb/photographic]
    • Film Studies: 2nd Edition (Harpenden, Hertfordshire: Pocket Essentials, 2005) [nonfiction: rev vt of the above: Pocket Essentials: pb/photographic]
  • Postmodernism (Harpenden, Hertfordshire: Pocket Essentials, 2003) with Bob Ford [nonfiction: Postmodernism and SF: Pocket Essentials: pb/photographic]
  • Solar Flares: Science Fiction in the 1970s (Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, 2012) [nonfiction: hb/]

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