Morley, Henry

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(1822-1894) UK author, biographer, editor, critic and academic who was professor of literature at University College, London, 1865-1889. He wrote for and contributed to Charles Dickens's Household Words and All the Year Round. Morley is perhaps best remembered as editor of two popular literature series, Morley's Universal Library (1883-1885) for George Routledge and Sons and Cassell's National Library (1886-1890) for Cassell. The former included two Omnibus volumes of Proto SF interest: Voltaire's Candide or the Optimist and Rasselas, Prince of Abyssinia by Samuel Johnson (anth/omni 1884), which ran to at least three editions, and Ideal Commonwealths (anth/omni 1885) [for details see Checklist below], the latter assembly of Utopias including Morley's own cut translation of The City of the Sun (1623) by Tommaso Campanella. [DRL]

Henry Morley

born Hatton Garden, Holborn [ie London]: 15 September 1822

died Carisbrooke, Isle of Wight: 14 May 1894

works as editor (highly selected)


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